Football Clichés: The Book

The full-length Football Clichés book is out now.

In what other context do football fans use the words 'aplomb' or 'derisory'? Who don't we use 'rifle' as a verb on the other six days of the week? Why do aggrieved midfielders feel the instinctive need to make a giant ball-shaped gesture with both hands after a mistimed tackle is punished?

Some clichés are ridiculous, some are quaintly outdated, some have survived through their sheer indisputability. In this book, with the aid of some pseudo-scientific diagrams, the language of football is explored in all its glory.

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nixiebs said...

Hey, why is Football Clichés being published as a physical book but the World Cup Guide is not?

FootballClichés said...

The World Cup guide is just a little taste of what to expect in the main book. I'm not it makes sense for publishers to release a print version of a 70-page preview to a single tournament (and it wouldn't be free either). Email if you'd prefer a PDF copy on release day. Cheers!